Advantages of Teak over Other Types of Wood

TeakThere are many types of wood to choose from, while each of them has its unique appeal and qualities. All types of wood are exceptionally durable and as a result, wooden furniture is often passed to the next generations as a family heritage. However, this is not the case when it comes to outdoor furniture. Although various protective coatings and paints protect the wood from the outdoor elements, wooden garden furniture does not withstand the test of time as good as indoor furniture. But there is one type of wood which can last a lifetime even if it is left outdoors all year round - teak.

Teak is a type of tropical hardwood which grows only in south and south-east Asia. It is highly sought after for its unique aesthetic appeal as well as its outstanding properties which make it a perfect choice for all types of outdoor furniture. Teak has several advantages over other types of wood, while the most notable ones include:

Natural resistance to rain and humidity. Most types of wood are vulnerable to the effects of moisture which accelerates decay and degradation. Teak, on the other hand, successfully withstands rain and high humidity levels because its natural oils work as a water sealant. How well it resists water and changes in humidity levels also revels the fact that it used be the most popular material for ship and boat building.

Natural resistance to sunlight. Unlike other types of wood which can shrink or/and fade if they are exposed to sunlight, teak remains largely unaffected by the ultraviolet light. Prolonged sunlight exposure accelerates the so-called ageing of teak – change of its colour from golden brown to silvery grey. This, however, does not have any effect on its strength nor durability. Although most people like the teak's aged look, it is possible to preserve its original colour by treating it with teak oil once a year.

Natural resistance to termites. Most types of wooden garden furniture are at risk of becoming a home or food to wood-eating insects but not teak. Its natural oils do not only protect it from water and ultraviolet light but they also work as an insect repellent. In contrary to other types of wood, teak does not need any termite protective treatment.

Ease of maintenance. Since teak is naturally resistant to most outdoor elements, it requires no special care or maintenance except for regular cleaning with ordinary soapy water. It is crucial, however, to remove spills promptly as some liquids and foods can penetrate into the wood and leave stains. Since teak is also resistant to temperature changes, teak furniture does not need to be stored indoors during the winter.

Durability. Even if it is exposed to harsh outdoor conditions, durability of teak garden furniture is comparable to that of indoor furniture. With virtually no care, teak outdoor furniture can last a lifetime.

Cost efficiency. Many people are having second thoughts about buying teak tree bench and other pieces of outdoor furniture due to their higher cost in comparison to furniture made from other types of wood. But since teak is incomparably more durable than other types of wood, it is actually more cost efficient as the investment pays off over the long term.

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