Caring for Teak Tree Bench and Other Pieces of Garden Furniture

Teak Tree BenchTeak is highly sought after material for tree benches and other pieces of garden furniture for two reasons – its unique aesthetic appeal and unique properties which make it literally maintenance-free. Teak is best known for being resistant to the outdoor conditions, however, it is possible to find various teak care products which claim to help preserve its beauty and extend its durability. This causes confusion among the first-time teak furniture owners as well as a number of people who are buying new tree benches. In order to determine which products (if any at all) you will need to provide your teak tree bench and other pieces of garden furniture with proper care, you need to know teak's properties and be well informed about teak care products.

Teak is resistant to just about all outdoor elements and does not need any protection from the weather extremes. It is protected against the effects of the weather by its natural oils which at the same time also repel wood-eating insects. However, teak is not resistant to dirt which means that teak tree bench as well as other pieces of garden furniture should be cleaned at least once every week or two (or more often if necessary) to keep them visually appealing and inviting. If you clean your teak tree bench on a regular basis, you do not need any special teak cleaning products because the dirt can easily be washed off with soapy water. Teak cleaners are usually used only to remove stubborn stains.

Over time, teak furniture gradually loses its natural oils which results in colour change (from golden brown to silvery grey). However, this does not affect the quality nor durability of the wood, while many people prefer the aged teak look over the original one. But if you prefer the distinct golden brown colour, you can use teak oil to both retain and restore it. Another way to preserve/restore teak's original colour is to use the so-called teak sealer. In contrary to teak oil which only restores the oil content, teak sealer literally seals in the oil and protects the wood from stains and mould.

Whether to use teak oil/ teak sealer or not to preserve teak's colour is up to your personal preferences as the colour change is merely a "cosmetic" issue. Mould, on the other hand, can cause damage to the wood if not dealt with promptly but generally, it does not require preventive measures such as sealer treatment. In addition, teak sealer reduces the risk of mould but it does not eliminate it. Black patches caused by mould growth can be removed with special cleaners, while severe infestation may also require sanding after cleansing.

Theoretically, all pieces of teak garden furniture should receive equal amount of care. But teak tree benches usually need more care in the form of cleaning due to their location as it makes them more susceptible to dirt build-up and bird droppings which can be very challenging to remove if not cleaned promptly.

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