How Long Does a Teak Tree Bench Last

Tree BenchTeak is not highly valued only for its appealing look but it is also sought after for its exceptional properties which amongst other include outstanding durability. Teak tree bench lasts longer than any other wooden bench. This is due to the fact that most types of wood are vulnerable to the effects of the weather, insects, moisture and other outdoor elements. It is possible to protect them against the outdoor factors that affect the wood's aesthetic appeal and accelerate its decay, however, none of the traditional types of wood can last as long as teak no matter how well it is protected and maintained. A tree bench that is made from quality teak wood according to high quality manufacture standards can last a lifetime.

The thing that distinguishes teak from other types of wood the most are its natural oils which protect it from the weather effects and wood-eating insects. This makes it the best possible choice for any kind of wooden outdoor furniture, especially tree benches which are usually permanently mounted around the tree trunk. Due to teak's natural resistance to the harsh outdoor conditions, a teak tree bench does not have to be treated with any kind of protective coating nor stored indoors out of "garden season". Even if left outdoors all year round and being exposed to all possible weather extremes, a tree bench made from quality teak wood will not lose its visual appeal and strength not only for years but many decades to come.

Untreated teak eventually changes from yellow brown into silvery grey colour, however, many people consider the so-called aged teak look even more aesthetically appealing. Which colour looks better is a matter of personal taste but what matters the most is that the change of colour does not affect the wood's quality, strength and durability. Treatment with teak oil or specially made teak sealer helps preserve the original colour for a longer period of time but it does not have any effect on its longevity. A teak tree bench will provide you with a comfortable and beautiful place to sit for decades no matter if you treat it with teak oil/teak sealer or leave it untreated.

Although a teak tree bench normally lasts a lifetime, it is crucial to choose a quality bench and care for it properly. In addition for its exceptional durability, teak garden furniture is also popular for its convenience because it is almost maintenance-free due to teak's resistance to the outdoor elements. However, teak is not resistant to dirt, stains and scratches. It is recommendable to clean teak garden furniture with soapy water at least once a week or every two weeks to keep it visually appealing. Just as important is to clean up any spills as soon as possible to prevent stains. These can be removed with cleaning agents which are specially designed for teak. Signs of minor damage such as scratches and stubborn stains are usually removed with ordinary sandpaper.

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