Teak Oil/Sealer Treatment – Does It Increase Teak's Durability?

Teak FurnitureDurability and ease of maintenance are among the main advantages of teak over other types of wood. Tropic hardwood that originates from south and south-east Asia last longer than any other type of wood in the harsh outdoor environment. It is naturally resistant to factors that can cause severe damage to other types of wood but even teak wood does not remain unaffected by the outdoor elements.

Untreated teak eventually loses its highly appealing golden brown colour. It turns into silvery grey colour which is according to some even more visually appealing. This is of course up to each teak furniture owner to decide as it is also possible to preserve the teak's original colour with teak oil or teak sealer treatment. But other than preserving the distinct golden yellow colour, teak oil/sealer treatment does not have any effect on teak's quality and strength although teak sealer also offers protection from stains and mould. However, there is no difference between treated and untreated teak outdoor furniture when it comes to durability.

Although all manufacturers of teak garden furniture promise that their furniture lasts a lifetime, this is not always the case. How long it will remain visually appealing, strong and comfortable depends on several factors including the quality of teak wood from which the furniture is made. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers follow the highest standards when it comes to teak wood quality as well as quality of manufacture. As a result, there can be a significant difference in durability of teak garden furniture between different brands. To get the best value for your money and enjoy the unique appeal of teak for decades to come, you are therefore highly recommended to choose teak garden furniture very carefully.

In the end, durability of teak outdoor furniture also depends on the level of care and maintenance it receives. Despite the fact that teak is renowned for requiring almost no care, it is not entirely maintenance-free. Just like other wooden outdoor furniture, teak garden furniture should be kept clean. Regular cleaning will not only keep it good looking but will also extend its durability. All it takes to keep it looking its best is an ordinary soapy water. How often it should be cleaned depends on your climate as well as location of the furniture.

Tree benches for example usually need more frequent cleaning than other pieces of garden furniture. They typically get dirty a lot sooner than other pieces of garden furniture because they are exposed to a larger number of outdoor elements. Tree crown may offer protection from sunlight, however, it attracts many wildlife species including birds whose droppings are not only repulsive but are also often difficult to remove. You are highly recommended to stick to your garden furniture cleaning routine and avoid frequent use of chemical cleaning agents even if they are specially designed for teak. They may not only remove the dirt but the wood's outermost layer as well.  

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