The Unique Appeal of Wooden Tree Benches and Seats

Tree BenchTree benches and seats are usually used as an additional seating area although they often also serve as the focal point of the garden. They come in many different styles and materials, however, no material can compare to the unique appeal of wood.

Despite the availability of a number of materials, wood remains the absolute favourite when it comes to garden furniture, especially tree benches and seats. This is due to the wood's unique character which creates a warm and inviting atmosphere as well as a high level of comfort it provides and its extraordinary durability. However, there are many types wood with several important differences which have a major influence on both the aesthetic appeal and durability of garden furniture.

When buying wooden tree benches and seats, it is necessary to keep in mind that they will be exposed to completely different conditions than indoor furniture and even the rest of garden furniture. In contrary with the main outdoor seating area which is usually protected with some sort of roof, tree benches and seats are protected only by the tree crown. The latter may offer protection from the ultraviolet light, however, it offers no protection from the rain. Due to their proximity to the tree, tree benches and seats are also more likely to be affected by wood-eating insects. Then there are a number of other outdoor elements such as rapid changes in temperature and humidity, wind, dust, dirt, etc. that can affect the wood's visual appeal, comfort and durability.

Most types of wood are not resistant to the harsh outdoor conditions but if they are treated with protecting coatings and well cared for, wooden tree benches and seats provide a comfortable and visually pleasing seating area for a number of years or even decades. But it is also possible to find wooden tree benches and seats that last a lifetime and are virtually maintenance-free. The best example is teak which offers the aesthetic appeal and comfort of wood and convenience of synthetic materials.  

In contrary to most types of wood, teak does not need any protection against the outdoor elements. Its natural oils keep it protected from moisture, sunlight, termites and other factors that can cause severe damage to other types of wood. In addition to being naturally resistant to the most extreme outdoor conditions, teak is also exceptionally durable and requires virtually no care except for occasional cleaning.

Teak is unfortunately relatively rare which makes teak garden furniture slightly more expensive in comparison to other types of wooden outdoor furniture. But considering that teak tree benches and seats can last a lifetime with virtually no care required, they are not expensive at all. In fact, teak garden furniture is more cost efficient in the long term than outdoor furniture made from other types of wood as it is a one time investment, whereas the traditional wooden garden furniture needs to be replaced after a certain period of time no matter how well it is cared for.

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